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Full access to a Mastermind Community of thriving and aspiring Influencers in a variety of niches, where you can support each other, ask and answer questions, seek feedback on ideas, and be privy to important topics and conversations among your peers.

The Growing Your Audience course is for aspiring Influencers with audiences of any size - whether you’re just starting, or have a following with stagnant growth. Learn how to build you brand recognition with integrity, and earn an audience that is loyal and engaged. The steps are fool-proof (your audience will grow!) but only if you put in the work and resist the comparison mindset! So take the pledge to grow organically, and get started right now

The Working With Brands course is best suited for Influencers who have at least 10K followers on any given platform, and are ready to monetize their content and build brand partnerships. Full of examples, videos and interviews, charts laying out what to charge, how to negotiate, what to say - this course peels the curtain back further than any other, and leads you through the process of making your brand one that attracts paid sponsorships.

A Good Influencer diversifies their platforms, and a great way to start is by learning How to Start, Grow, and Monetize an Email List. This course takes Influencers through the process of creating a branded newsletter from start to finish. With real examples from our own newsletters, Influencers will master writing for their unique audience, attracting new subscribers, and blowing average open rates out of the water.

Earning with Affiliates opens the door into just how influencers can monetize their page starting TODAY! This course details the world of commissions, CPA, CPC, and cookies (but not the kind you’re thinking of). Learn how to pick the right affiliate platform, incorporate affiliate links into everyday content, and streamline affiliates to increase overall revenue. Affiliates have the power to become a big part of your business by increasing how much money you're making right now, with only a little bit of effort and it's all in your control.

The Image Usage Strategy course is aimed at helping influencers confidently navigate brand contracts, and negotiate commercial use terms. Image Usage Strategy walks you through important terminology, what to charge, and the difference between organic and commercial use. This course is for every influencer whether you’re working with brands, or strictly creating assets to sell.

The official Good Influencer Glossary is the ultimate resource for any creator working to grow their audience, start new platforms, navigate brand contracts, and monetize their content. The latest addition to our course library has 37 important terms and definitions with links back to additional resources within the course library.

Set every campaign up for success with a strong media kit. The Media Kit Workshop provides a guided mentorship for building your media kit from start to finish. This workshop offers an inside look at the CLJ media kit, industry average pricing suggestions, charts of what other creators are charging for deliverables, media kit templates, and templates for pitch emails.